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Happy Birthday!!!!!


May Allah bless you... it has been a great experience in exploring the world of photography with you. Thanks for all your motivation and support =)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sin-cha-por (singapore)

Hi all,

It has been a while since I posted any updates....sorry bro (alldark). Well, I had a business trip to Singapore and Johor and here are some of the pix that I could actually upload...enjoy...

A budget trip...awaiting at the Changi Airport MRT Station upon arrival...It was really cheap, only B$2.00 till reaching the hotel...and adventurous....

Once in Orchard road...there is no turning back to the scrumptous Burger King outlet...It was a craving worth waiting to be fulfilled....

The big water wheel at Raffles One Link... opposite of Marina Square

This was a peaceful look of the Johor-Singapore causeway amidst the 4 hours traffic jam that we went through...ARRGGHHH....

Before a good photo with 2008 F1 Champion (Louis Hamilton)... heheheh..Wanted to race with him but maybe next time....

New toy... Lets Go Lomo!!

Seventh Heaven

Bluedream's Integra

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